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We need the righteousness of the Lord everyday even after receiving the remission of sins by faith.
Eric Aboadwe    [email]    ( Ghana ) 2015-04-09     Views : 409     Touched : 144
Once again God has enabled his Servant Rev Paul C. Jong to write another powerful book which is a ďmust-readĒ for any truth-seeker. This new book is a blessing to both those who are born again and to those who are yet to born again. The book is a spiritual nourishment for the born again to strengthen themselves in the God-giving true gospel of the water and the Spirit. For those who do not yet know nor understand the gospel of the water and the Spirit, God has made it possible for every sinner to receive the remission of sins through this book. This remission of sins is received once and for all, and its effectiveness is everlasting.
The books teaches that, belonging to a particular denomination is not what saved us, but we see many Christians who boast of the long history of their own denomination without even knowing how Jesus has saved them. The preachers of these denominations and the preachers of today have a hard time preparing their sermons because they themselves do not have the true faith, and they have not received the remission of sins either. Therefore they end up stealing other peopleís sermons from time to time committing plagiarism. And even though the Lord Jesus came looking for us repeatedly to give us everlasting life, many people prevented Him with denominational and doctrine obstacles. As a result, they lost the opportunity that comes only a few times in their lifetime.
Through this book, God is giving sinners the opportunity to drink the water of life flowing in this book. But before we can drink this water of Life, the author explains that unless we see our true selves properly and clearly as sinners before God, we cannot really understand or grasp what it means when the Bible says, ďGod so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.Ē By failing this self-recognition, we will not be able to comprehend just how great Godís love really is. And so it is absolutely important for us to know and realize who we really are in Godís sight, for which purpose the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ and blotted out all our sins.
Rev. Paul C. Jong makes it clear that knowing our own weaknesses and insufficiencies and at the same time comprehending Godís love for us are mutually related. This is similar to medicine, for no matter how good a medicine may be, if we donít realize that we are desperately in need of it to cure our ailment, then the medicine has nothing to do with us. Thus unless we realized we are sin-sick souls, the Doctor of spirits (Jesus Christ) cannot heal our souls since we donít realize our own spiritual condition of deprivation. And it is only when we believe with our heart that Jesus Christ has indeed blotted out all our sins with the gospel of the water and the Spirit can we receive the remission of sins. It is only then can we practice the righteousness of God despite our insufficiencies because our heart is not cleansed and purified.
For the born again Saints who have received the remission of sins, Rev Paul C. Jong admonish us to fight against Satan, fight against ourselves, defend our faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit until the day the Kingdom of God comes, and we must live a life of faith that glorifies God before we go to see the Lord face to face. Whether we are struggling, weary, sad, in pain or joyful, we must defend our heartsí faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. This is because unless we keep our hearts, we cannot stand before God. We need the righteousness of the Lord everyday even after receiving the remission of sins by faith. Our duty therefore is to spread the gospel of the water and the Spirit, and the Lord is pleased with us when we carry out the Lordís command to preach the gospel and spread it for people to receive the blessing of the remission of sins.
Eric Aboadwe, Ghana


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