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Solicitando Capacitación o Seminarios por Internet para todos los hermanos
Néstor O Salgado    [email]   ( Argentina ) 2008-09-22     Vistas : 715     Votos : 224

Dear brother in Christ.
He says the word of God "We are not tired, because to do good, because her time segaremos" in Galatians 6.9
and it is true, in our city slowly but calm are distributing literature that I received lately.
I personally am reading the book "The fall of man and the perfect salvation of God" written by the Rev. Paul C Jong
and I think my humble view is a book full of wisdom and knowledge to enrich Bible Brought who reads it.
Now if he lets me do a consultation, on the books states that the Rev, leads a school where he trains future preachers / as the Gospel of water and spirit, my desire is to know if one day implement a training course for those from different parts of the world as evangelists preach the gospel of The New Life Mission.
If this training through a short seminar will be conducted over the Internet, those who collaborate, we would be more prepared and get better results (I do not say in person, because I am moderately skilled in the Word of Life) but in broad outlines, after concluding this course to those who carry out the mission could appoint ministers of the same, surely many people still do not know the message of salvation would be reached.
"Do not take long for riches, but be ourselves an asset to another" (Phil Bosmans)
Desiring that this concern be addressed by the greeting you Atte.
Nestor Salgado O


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